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  • Fairy Shimmer


    This simple bracelet, with its easy button-snap, quickly displays arm charm; the crystal beads, the leather look, gold chain and string of rhinestones all play well together. There is just enough of everything, but the bracelet is small enough to be worn in multiples or with other bracelets.

    What are your fashion suggestions for Fairy Shimmer? Share your suggestions in the comments.

    Fashion ¢ents - Get the most of your arm charm:
    Fairy Shimmer can be your everyday bracelet - its light and simple enough. Wear it with gold bangles to dress it up or leather button-ups to create a look all of your own. With flat knee-high riding boots, oversized button-up shirt, and a big face watch, create the boyfriend fashion look for casual Saturdays out with friends.

    • Faux leather, button-up
    • Bead
    • Rhinestone
    • Chain link
    • 6 1/2" L