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The contrast in the colors, textures, and materials make this bracelet just beautiful to look at! Not quite an inch wide, this will delicately provide arm charm that almost looks regal.

What are your fashion suggestions for Cleopatra? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Fashion ¢ents - Get the most of your arm charm:
Stylish and so lady-like! Choose Cleopatra to wear with gold bangles to further accentuate the gold tone while creating even more contrast. This bracelet is more of a show piece and will do well for glitz and glamour. Have a party or dinner date? Its small size won't allow it to detract from anything you are wearing; a lovely evening gown, a sequined clutch, or whatever you decide.

  • Acrylic stones
  • Crystal studs
  • Gold tone
  • Segmented fitting
  • Hemitite stones