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Simple without being boring and colorful without being loud, Bali is eye-catching without being busy. That's a bracelet with a lot going for it!

What are your fashion suggestions for Bali? Share your suggestions in the comments. 

Fashion ¢ents - Get the most of your arm charm:
Probably not your everyday bracelet, its playfulness and small stature will easily make it easy to marry with your other fashion bracelets. The thinly beaded strands can be worn twisted to create a narrow look for a more dressy, sparkle look or worn untwisted to widen it for better visibility of the bead design and a more Bohemian look. Dressy for casual dinner and drinks or Bohemian for fashion independence.

  • Multi-colored, stringed seed beads
  • Light weight
  • Clear studs
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Lead & nickel compliant
  • Approx. 7"L